About us

Transport Company "Status Donbass" was found in 2005.

Over the years of work on the market of transport services, we have developed our own style of work, determined to practice what the customer wants and we know how to provide it to him.

Because of this, our clients - clients VIP level, whom we provide VIP services.

The transport company "Status Donbass" is the official transporter of FC "Shakhtar" in celebration of the seventieth and seventy-fifth birthday of the club. We organized transport support during the celebration of the ten years of "SCM" and the fifth anniversary of "Metinvest"

Our services have used many of the stars of Russian foreign music, sports, the heads of major international companies and political figures.

Use the services of the transport company "Status Donbass" and you will become our regular customer and partner for many years to come!