Car rent with driver

Car rent with a driver - this is the right decision for your business or gala event in Donetsk and Ukraine.

Car rent with driver in Donetsk - is one of the most actual and popular services not only in Donetsk, but also in other large cities of Ukraine and the world at whole. This type of service is the most comfortable and affordable way to solve the transport problem not only for corporate clients (large companies), but also for individual clients.

Whether you are a member of a company or a individual client, but somehow, in the life you had to deal with the decisions of transport issues (trip to a corporate events, trips out of town, airport transfers, organization of weddings, meeting guests and business partners, the organization of tuples, cars for the stars and VIP's.) Most often, the best solution is the option to use the professional services of renting a car with a driver.

Our regular customers prefer to rent cars regularly in Donetsk for the daily TRAVEL, instead of buying a personal vehicle or a driver services. All this is due to the optimal prices for our services, the highest quality of service and maximum-security (professional drivers of vehicles regularly pass state tests and receive a permit for transportation of senior officials). It turns out that for most of our customers, renting a car with a driver is more convenient and practical option for solving transport problems.

For our corporate clients we are a reliable partner, because we provide transport and transport services of our company in Donetsk. And it`s really beneficial, you will get rid of many problems associated with the search for parking lots and garages for cars, fleet fueling, maintenance and ordering of spare parts, maintenance staff of drivers and many other nuances, the solution of which we take for ourselves.

At the same time with many partners we cooperate from the founding of the company and to our days, which once again demonstrates the feasibility, quality and value of our services.

Our professional drivers will take You in time and in the most optimal route, avoiding any traffic jams on the road and saving Your precious time and energy.

Our car park is always satisfy the most demanding customers. At your service we can provide a wide selection of premium and business class cars of our fleet:

Rent a car with driver in Donetsk Lexus LS 460;

Rent a car with driver in Donetsk Mercedes Benz GL 320 4Matic;

Car rental with driver Mercedes Benz SLK;

Rent a car with driver Mercedes Benz GL 350;

Rent a car with driver Mercedes Benz E class;

Car rental with driver Audi A8;

Rent a car with driver in Donetsk Mercedes Benz S class W 221 550L 4 Matic;

Rent a car with driver Mercedes Benz E class;

Rent a car with driver in Donetsk Porsche Panamera;

If you want to rent a bus and a minibus - we can offer you a wide choice of options:

minibus rental with driver in Donetsk Volkswagen Caravelle, Mercedes Benz Sprinter or Mercedes Benz Viano 2.2 TDI;

bus rental with driver Mercedes Vito, Volkswagen Multivan or Fiat Ducato.

If you need a version with lots of passenger seats, we are able to offer more spacious options of buses:

bus rent with driver Yutong ZK 68-31 HB (30 seats), Yutong ZK 61-19 HA (45 seats) and Isuzu;

bus rental with driver in Donetsk Mitsubishi Temsa or Bogdan.

Cars with driver allow customers to feel comfort, mobility and efficiency. At the time, when you meet guests, close friends or relatives or business associates of the delegation - we take your burden of transportation concerns and we make the most comfortable environment for your guests.

Our company has all legislation acts for passenger transport. For customer convenience, all the company's cars are equipped with terminals for calculate the Visa and Master Card directly in the car. For corporate clients our machines have a track control system that allows you to fully control the route of the cars. This way, you can pay only for the services you have received.

Transfer to the airport Donetsk

One of the most common services offered by our company it is meeting of guests and transfer to the airport of Donetsk and to the railway station. After making an order transfer - You will save your time and time of your guests, you can show your partners the level of your company and save yourself from possible burdensome journey on public transport.

If you are going on vacation, a business trip or a visit, returning from a business trip or meeting guests - please, order transfer service in advance for a safe trip comfort and maximum convenience on the road.

Service for corporate events, weddings and gala events

We all understand the importance of the events that happen in life is very rare. You will never forget the wedding, meeting a newborn from the hospital, meeting distant relatives in the airport or a transfer of business partner - all these events require separate attention of detail and prior agreement.

Rent or order a car, bus or minibus with a driver solves a lot of problems that you cannot even guess, but we are facing in our everyday work. Our experts will help you plan all your activities by asking clarifying questions and offer optimal conditions and an individual approach to each client.

For a long time we have set priorities to work with each client individually, as in this case, 90% of our customers would recommend us to their friends and become our regular customers.

The cost of our services for each of the cars you can find in section Cars. You can view photos of our cars, which made in the city. You can find more detailed information of the configuration, color, number of vehicles in our fleet and the other important details.

Over the years we have made a universal list of events that we are ready to provide you with rental cars, minibuses and buses with courteous and professional drivers:

transport for business trips;

meeting of the delegations;


meeting at the airport or at the train station;

complex transport services for companies;

long term rental;

business traveling;

cars for special events, tours;

wedding cars;

meeting the newborn from hospital;

a romantic date;

birthday and anniversary;

corporate events;

walking on the night Donetsk;

and any other occasion.

We will make every effort to ensure that you have achieved success in business, were able to relax in the road and gather your thoughts, so you will remember an important event in your life!

To order the service of rent a car with driver in Donetsk for a transfer, business trip, wedding or any other event that requires our participation - just contact us by phone up or a website or other contact details provided in the Contact section.

Submitted the contact data, You will also be able to order the bus or minibus with a driver.

By spending a few minutes on the phone call or sending your order by E-mail, You will receive detailed consultation of our specialists and will be able to solve any transport issues facing you in the shortest terms. We will do our best to ensure that you are satisfied!